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  • Universe City Podcast debuts today!

    posted on Tuesday, November 4th @ 1 pm | jozimmerman

    Alriiiight! My new comedy/science podcast with co-host comedian/scientists Jono Zalay & Raj Sivaraman is now up on i-Tunes.  We take an interesting topic in science each week, research, and  discuss (hopefully in a funny & interesting way).   I am not a scientist, so I have already learned a lot and said a lot of dumb things.

    Three episodes are out today for the release: Ebola, God Particle, & Spanking.   From here on out, it will be one episode available every Tuesday morning.   If you enjoy the listen, please subscribe & rate!

    Here is the link to all three episodes on i-Tunes:

    Or you can listen through SoundCloud here: