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  • Ford Focus collides with Stop Sign

    Posted on March 06, 2013 | jozimmerman

    Odometer Update: 311,475 I was starting to feel pretty confident about my driving and then I ran into a stop sign. My confidence has been…>>

  • Famous Quote First Drafts

    Posted on August 01, 2012 | jozimmerman

    I’ve found that one of the most difficult things in writing is to keep your sentences concise and to the point. For instance, that first…>>

  • Second “Girlfriend” – Eighth grade

    Posted on April 18, 2011 | jozimmerman

    My second “girlfriend” attempt was toward the beginning of 8th grade. Things were looking up – I’d dropped the glasses for contacts, thinned out a…>>

  • Attainable Resolutions

    Posted on January 01, 2011 | jozimmerman

    I read once in a magazine called “Motivational Science Digest” that I just made up, that the key to achieving your goals is to make…>>

  • Twelve re-tweetable short stories (not stolen from Ernest Hemingway)

    Posted on November 14, 2010 | jozimmerman

    I am worried that in the near future, writers of all genres will learn to keep every sentence to 140 characters or less, for the…>>