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  • The road to Portland

    posted on Tuesday, January 25th @ 11 pm | jozimmerman

    Slacked on my daily update but Andy posted for San Francisco and Santa Cruz on the Beard site.

    -Notably, we stopped by Rooftop and Annie hooked us up with Andy Wood from the Bridgetown Festival, who was randomly in Santa Cruz. We didn’t have a special guest, so it was another nice coincidence in a string of small world connectors.

    The drive to Portland involved an amazing view of Mount Hood – a huge white behemoth that dwarfed everything on the horizon. I guessed that it was between four and twenty miles away, and everyone proceeded to laugh at me. They laughed right in my face. A big SUV full of bearded dudes, laughing at my poor judgement of distance. Justin (from Atlanta magazine) said it was at least 100 miles away, if not a lot more.  All I know is that ten minutes later, it was nowhere to be seen.

    Sunday in San Francisco involved a bizarre two-hour radio spot.  At one point we realized there was a random Asian guy in the studio. He appeared high, and middle-age, and when the host asked who he was, he just smiled and laughed. Nobody knew who he was, as both parties had just assumed he was with the other. I’m not sure he even knew English.

    (Three Hours Later)

    It’s dark now, and the giant mountain is in front of us again, blocking out the moon. We must have circled back.

    * **
    Here we are at the Hoover Dam. Andy and I played the game, “who can stare over the bridge railing the longest without panicking from fear of heights” and we both lost.

    Portland tonight is the only free show of the tour, 8 pm at the Beauty Bar with special Portland guest Richard Bain.