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  • NYC Week – Day 1

    posted on Sunday, April 24th @ 1 pm | jozimmerman

    Day 1 visiting NYC. Crowded. Easter. Gay Turkish man sitting next to me at coffee shop just told me, “Happy Zombie Jesus day.” Grounded myself by watching Battlestar Gallactica, season 4 episode 1. Seemed more confusing than usual.

    Arrived last night via Ford Focus. Took 81 to 78 to 95, through Manhattan, over Queensboro Bridge. I’m writing this so that I remember it, not because it’s interesting. Astoria has lots of parking, which is strange. Upon arrival I immediately did a show in the living room of the apartment I’m staying at. The show was packed – dare I say a full house. Second apartment show I’ve done in the same month, and also the second apartment show I’ve done in the same month, AT the apartment I was staying.

    Perhaps a new niche? Joe Z, the Apartment Comic. Joe’s casual, laid back style, and comfort rummaging through refrigerators that aren’t his, make him the perfect fit for all of your living space show needs. It doesn’t just stop at apartments. He also plays condos, duplexes, basements, rooftops, mansions, hotel rooms, forts, condos, cabins, and tree-houses! Joe will make your living space, THE place to be!