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  • Jan/ Feb “Self Help Me” Tour Description – CO, IN, IL, WI, MI, MN DC, NC

    posted on Monday, January 2nd @ 3 pm | jozimmerman

    Oh hi, I’m Joe. I’m doing a comedy tour this winter, basically hitting all of the coldest cities in the U.S. If it’s in the mountains or near lake effect winds, I’ll probably be there.

    I’m calling this the “Self Help Me” tour because I’ve been a self-help addict for the past fifteen years. In my show I talk about my self-help obsessions, my phobias & fears, and how I’ve overcome them (I have not overcome them). I will weave those stories and jokes in with my other interests, such as reading studies about how to live longer, and worrying about the meaning of life. It’s a real problem.

    Will this show be limited to just self-help? Absolutely not. Self-help is simply a theme that resurfaces. I will talk about many other topics including Martha Stewart, Chupacabras, Murder, Owls, Owls that murder, and new topics that will develop along the way. I will also be keeping a ridiculous “self-help me” blog to document my travels and my self-improvement attempts.

    If you are into self-improvement, I think you’ll love this show. If you struggle with procrastination, money, happiness, time management, and phobias, I think you’ll love this show. If you don’t care about any of those things, I still think you’ll love this show. That’s a positive thinking technique I learned from “How to Win Friends & Influence People”.

    Answers to Common Questions:

    Q. If I sit in the front row will you DESTROY me?
    A. No. I’m not going to DESTROY anyone. If anything I will give you a compliment.

    Q. Is your show dirty or offensive?
    A. No, not dirty. Regarding offensive, there are people capable of being offended by anything, so I don’t want to say I’m not offensive, but I certainly don’t try to offend anyone.

    Q. Is it funny?
    A. I don’t know why you’re asking me so directly, but yes. I have been traveling the country for ten years and usually the crowd is laughing and having a wonderful time. I have performed for crowds ranging from 2 people (Sioux Falls, South Dakota) to 8,000 people (Red Rocks, Denver) and it’s fun, comedy is fun. Though I’ll admit 8,000 people is much more fun than 2 (no offense to you Jim & Deb, I think you’re both great people and I’m sorry that happened).

    Q. Are you going to make fun of Trump the whole time, that seems pretty ripe for comedy right now yes/no?
    A. Everyone says comedy is going to be so much easier with Trump. And yet, half the population is burned out on hearing his name, and the other half is carrying concealed fire arms. So it does not make comedy easier. That being said, I may or may not talk about it, depending on the mood.

    Q. Will the show ONLY be about self-help?
    A. Self-help is simply a theme for this tour. I’ll also cover many other topics outside of self-help.

    Q. Did you know you look like Patrick Lundquist / Chuck Norris / the guy from Scrubs / the guy from Homeland / the lead guitarist for Phish / my random cousin?
    A. I’ve been told that, yes.

    A. When are you coming to MY city?
    Q. I would love to come to YOUR city. Generally I go where I’m invited. If you would like me to be invited, simply call/email your local comedy club and request it. Or, if you work at a company, you can tell your boss to pay me lots of sweet, sweet corporate money to come do a “team-building” event, lol.

    Hope to see you at a show! And if you’d like to get an idea of my style before deciding, I have a different hour of comedy on my 2014 album “Smiling at Wolves” which can be found on Spotify / i-Tunes and all the usual places.