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  • Words (A random insignificant post)

    posted on Thursday, August 5th @ 3 pm | jozimmerman

    Here are some words I know how to spell, but don’t know their meanings:
    Abbess – to forgive a nun, for being un-nunlike
    Effete – to admit, with a girlish demeanor
    Proscenium – a place where something important happens, up high on a balcony
    Inimitable – dangerous, cunning, lascivious…
    Exhume – to destroy, with your mouth
    Puerile – possessing poisonous glands
    Puissant – delicate and angry
    Ebullient – not quite obese, but getting there
    Pusillanimous – tiny and quiet, like a mouse
    Recidivist – one who retreats, but plans to fight another day
    Sepulcher – A staff you might hit a wizard with, or vice versa
    Transmute – To translate, quietly
    Turgid – problematic and stormy
    Vicissitude – something pleasant that happens at a high altitude
    Myrrh – something Jesus ate
    Zeitgeist – an important ghost

    Here are some words I don’t know how to spell, but that I do know what they mean:
    Boullebaise – a french dish, that’s complicated to make
    Hors’ Doevresz – an appetizer that could be french, or could be Buffalo wings
    Onamatopoeia – sounds like what you think it is
    Bellweather – Hopefully not BP’s stock
    Daquiri – A delicious beverage that society does not allow men to drink, unless they are gay.
    Czeckoslovakia – Now the Czechkh republic – birthplace of the Yugo
    Leuauw – Hawaiian party, where people wear flower necklaces

    Here are some words I can neither spell, nor do I know what they mean:
    Dipthong – A low hanging under garment
    Gingam – a spice that goes in haggas
    Jodpurs – an Indian horse spur, or donkey spur
    Peinoire – a dainty pink wine

    Here are some invented words, that might mean something, but probably not (also most likely spelled wrong):
    Fressage – the foam that forms at the top of a beer
    Puissance – the respect one shows for royalty
    Gradiant – Irritating but beautiful, like J-lo
    Collagenetic – Something in your blood, that can’t be good
    Mristial – misty and starry, like Justin Bieber’s eyes
    Sagatial – of a great magnitude
    Collostial – of an even greater magnitude
    Dictonomy – to have a dictator, dictate anonymously
    Frimp – to pout, frown
    Ragine – A cajun spice. Also a french stain removal technique
    Quescent – Mournful and sad, but hopeful