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  • San Francisco Tonight at the Historic Purple Onion

    posted on Sunday, January 23rd @ 4 pm | jozimmerman

    In the last twenty-four hours we had breakfast in Las Vegas, lunch in Barstow, CA, Dinner in Los Angeles., and breakfast in San Francisco. We drove last night after our show, and by “we” I mean “Dave.” He took the wheel, cranked up music from “Clutch,” and stared into the dark fog like a very serious man. I was in the back, jolting up in a dream panic every few minutes, thinking that I had fallen asleep at the wheel. At one point I remember saying, “Dave, grab the wheel!” and falling immediately back to sleep.

    With only nine hours in L.A., we packed it in. When we pulled in, three photographers were already waiting at Julie’s appartment for a heavy duty, two hour photo shoot for the article in Atlanta Magazine. From there we went straight to dinner with friends Charlie & Laurel & Tyler (who just moved out from Asheville), followed by the show at Meltdown, post-show at the Bigfoot Lodge, and a 1 am departure that began with a traffic jam, and ended with three hours of intense fog.

    The show at Meltdown was very rewarding, and the audience was filled with friends, journalists, comics, industry, and all around fun people. To have Kyle Kinane as the special guest was icing. His beard is almost as formidable as his comedy.

    Okay, so a little secret promo for tonight’s show at the Purple Onion, if you’re keeping up with this blog, and have a friend in San Francisco. Tickets are available online until 5 pm (PST) Enter the promo code, “BeardVIP” for half off (seven codes left at time of post).