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  • New Stand Up Clip – Spotting the Racist

    posted on Sunday, May 29th @ 6 pm | jozimmerman

    I’ve been told the fast track to the top in comedy, is having a YouTube video that goes viral. That sounds easy enough right, and the concept of “going viral” sounds so cool, like you’re something hip and underground, even though most videos that “go viral” are of cats being crazy, or babies being silly, or fathers getting injured, or some deadly (VIRAL) combination of the three. Ultimately what I need to create, is a video where a father uses a laser pointer to spin a cat in circles, while his baby laughs loudly at the cat’s dizziness. The mom walks in, yells at the Dad, and the cat freaks, and jumps out of control into the dad’s balls. The Dad screams, the baby laughs, the cat runs off, and the mom sighs – VIRAL! Unfortunately I don’t have a cat or a baby or a lazer pointer handy, but I do have this stand up clip, which will probably get 500 views like the rest of my clips. But one day, perhaps I can be a father, and have a cat and a baby and a wife who sighs, and on that day, I can go SUPER VIRAL! Until then, here is a new two-minute stand up clip: