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  • Hot new material exclusively on Pandora

    posted on Saturday, September 26th @ 2 pm | jozimmerman

    Hot new material released today on Pandora, to benefit Gilda’s Laughfest

    non-profit. Recorded 3/2/2020 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    You can listen to the album straight through, with that link, or you can

    create a “Joe Zimmerman” Pandora playlist, which will cycle through

    various tracks from various albums, as well as tracks from other


    The album was recorded with 800 Pound Gorilla Records and the Laugh

    Button, with the proceeds from royalties will go to Gilda’s Laughfest charity:

    material from myself, John Novosad from Denver, Kermet Apio from

    Seattle, and Louis Ramey from Atlanta.

    I hope I have explained enough and not too much!