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  • Hello + Zoom Gigs + An Admission

    posted on Tuesday, September 15th @ 6 pm | jozimmerman

    Well, I suppose I will begin with my admission, which is obviously the thing

    that lured you into reading this post. Well, I won’t keep it from you any

    longer, so here it is: I have no idea how many people read this blog. My

    website tells me thousands have “subscribed”, but I believe a majority of

    to be bots. Usually upon posting an update, I will simply receive a single

    email from my Dad, letting me know he got it. So, hello father.

    Second, hello to anyone else who is reading this, including my bots and

    spam-heads, and most likely my mother. It is September 2020, and I’m

    in New York City. I think the emails are done now from corporations letting

    us know they have our back for this pandemic, which is why I’ve decided to

    reach out at this time finally, to say that yes, I too have our back. I am

    keeping things very save and clean here at Joe Zimmerman, and you can

    rest assured, I’m looking out for you.

    Thirdly, to my surprise, lately there’s been a steady increase in

    companies reaching out to me for private Zoom gigs (in the 10-30 minute

    performance range) for virtual comedy events. It seems that many people

    are looking for ways to spice up their Zoom meetings: be it a quarterly

    event, or a cocktail hour, or a meet up with potential clients, and it turns

    out a “comedian” is a solid Zoom draw and ice breaker… (also I’m told goats

    are popular for this). I’ve had some fun Zoom gigs lately for two tech

    companies, a large law-firm and a small law-firm, a financial advisor, a

    home-building company, a non-profit, and even a bunch of nannies. I’ve set

    up a brick background in my home complete with a tiny stool and fake

    microphone. So if you own a company, or run a company, or work at a

    company (and especially if you are the CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan) and you’d

    like me in your home, talking to you from my home (with comedy) feel free

    to have your people reach out to my people!

    In conclusion, that is the end of this blog update!