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  • Beautiful Poem

    posted on Saturday, April 24th @ 11 am | jozimmerman

    Eating all of the pasta in this cupboard
    like nothing I expected

    You can greet me at the door
    Or you can make me break in
    through the window in the back
    But either way I’m going to retrieve
    the motivational book that I left
    on your floor
    that taught me to never give up
    on finding my motivational book.

    Did I leave it on your floor?

    Speak now, I command.
    You say, “No,” as you punch me in the thigh
    and say “Charlie horse won the race!”
    “What race?” I ask
    “The race that smells like up dog,” you imply.
    I say “what’s up dog?”
    Again, you punch me in the thigh.
    The same thigh
    you already punched