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  • Beards Across America Web Series up on MSN

    posted on Monday, December 3rd @ 3 pm | jozimmerman

    In the past month the Beards of Comedy were commissioned by MSN to do a web series called Beards Across America. We traveled to eight cities with Matt Swinksy film videos on a wide variety of topics (Zombies in Atlanta, the mob in Las Vegas, privacy in New York, etc) and to my surprise, we pulled it off. The first five already have over 400,000 views and can be found here:

    The last three, yet to be posted, are shot in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas and will be up on over the course of the next few weeks. I also posted a bunch of pictures of the filming process, which are available on instagram: @joezimmerman / hashtag #BeardsAcrossAmerica

    Here is a list of the order we filmed in, and the topics we covered:

    San Francisco: Bizarre Foods
    New York: Privacy
    DC: Currency
    Asheville: Beer
    Atlanta: Zombie Survival
    Los Angeles: Tattoos
    San Diego: How to be cool
    Las Vegas: The Mob