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  • Album Premiere: Comedy To Fall Asleep To

    posted on Tuesday, August 31st @ 1 pm | jozimmerman

    Normally I would write a clever essay or love poem, but today I’m mixing it up with a nation-shocking announcement. My new album “Comedy To Fall Asleep To” is now available in the SiriusXM app! If you’re worried about accessing it, it’s a free 3 or 4 month trial, so uou can listen to my album and then Howard Stern and then
    ESPN radio for free… for three (or four) months.

    I named it “Comedy To Fall Asleep To” because of all the die-hard fans who have messaged me praise like, “I love
    your albums, I play them all the time when I’m having trouble falling asleep.”

    I know, you want to know who I’m going to thank. Well first I’d like to thank you. Yes, YOU.

    Second, thank you to Acme Comedy Club in Minneapolis.

    Three, thank you to my friend and Queens neighbor audio savant Tony Deyo for editing this entire album and
    doing all of the complex audio mixing and editing.

    Four, my friend and NY public golf course buddy TJ Young for designing the album cover art. I asked him for a “Goodnight Moon” vibe and I think he nailed it.

    As you probably know, I’m also a guru at evaluating stocks and corporations, and with SiriusXM’s acquisition of
    Pandora and my “Comedy To Fall Asleep To” album, the stock now sits at a pretty enticing valuation, along with a
    juicy growth story developing. I ’m upgrading SiriusXM’s stock from “strong buy” to “extra strong buy”. Certainly if
    my album gets played a lot I could see this stock going to the moon.

    And thank you in advance to Rolling Stone Magazine for naming “Comedy To Fall Asleep To” the best comedy
    album of the decade so far. I am humbled.