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  • A Great Listening Experience – Season 1

    posted on Sunday, June 24th @ 11 pm | jozimmerman

    Well, it’s official, my new podcast “A Great Listening Experience” (with co-host and producer Tom Cowell) has completed it’s first season with 10 episodes.

    The concept: I seek infinite knowledge and power, while you have a great listening experience.

    Here are the links to each episode on i-Tunes (and they are also available on Spotify)

    Episode 10 – Masterpieces and The Mona Lisa

    Episode 9 – The Royal Wedding

    Episode 8 – A Precipitous Birth – Tom Has A Baby quickly

    Episode 7 – Time Is a Delusion w/ Myq Kaplan & Raj Sivaraman

    Episode 6 – Dark Web Price Is Right

    Episode 5 – Tom Lost all his money on Bitcoin

    Episode 4 – The Staircase and an Owl Murder

    Episode 3 – The Automatic Millionire w/ stock market analyst Noah Gardenswartz

    Episode 2 – Berenstain Bear Conspiracy & The Mandela Effect w/ cameo from Ashley Brooke Roberts

    Episode 1 – Who is Tom?