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  • Superior Poetry about my Superior Poetry

    posted on Wednesday, November 24th @ 5 pm | jozimmerman

    Asheville’s “Mountain Xpress” is kind enough to occasionally publish some of my “Superior Poetry” (their words, not mine). This week you will find I have experimented with a different form of poem – the ancient Chinese Haiku. The Haiku requires a 5-7-5 meter, which has the effect of making everything you write sound slightly wiser.
    For example:

    The Haiku format
    Makes everything you write
    Sound slightly wiser.

    Did you feel that wisy-ness?

    Here is the link to this week’s Mounain Xpress installment of
    Superior Poetry

    I’m not good with dates, so I didn’t realize this would come out right at Thanksgiving. Since there is an absence of holiday haikus, I will write one right now, that you can put in your pipe and smoke, if you’d like.

    I am thankful for
    my superior talent,
    which is humbling.

    Not bad right? “Superior” you say? Agreed. Here is another one, while we’re in the spirit of Thanksgiving:

    I am thankful for
    My family, friends, and abs
    I have washboard abs.

    That one’s funny because it’s true.

    Admittedly, it’s tough to pack much into a Haiku, but I suppose that’s the point. The ancient Chinese poets were going, “Hey, what can I say, if I have limited space?” Let me try again:

    Quote from Ancient Chinese Poet I just made up:
    “Hey, what can I say,
    if I have limited space?”
    Let me try again.

    Do you see what I
    just did there? Apparently,
    here as well. Booya.

    So it’s not that hard
    To just keep writing like this.
    A bit annoying?

    Once again, here is this week’s Mountain Xpress Superior Poetry installation: Same Link Again In Your Face. Be thankful for my poetry, it’s that time of year.